6 Examples of English Daily Conversation

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1. Conversation about hobby

Hody : Had, how are you?

Hady : I am fine Hod, how about you?

Hody : I am fine too. Where will you go?

Hady : I will go fishing. This is my hobby that I do every week.

Hody : It sounds good.

Hady : And you? Where will you go?

Hody : I will go camping near the Muara Buana river.

Hady : Let’s go together because I fish at that river too.

Hody : Ok, let’s go.

2. Going vacation

Jason : Hi Jessica, what are you doing right now?

Jessica : I am making plan for next week holiday to travel.

Jason : So you always plan to travel when have a holiday?

Jessica : Yes, I like to travelling.

Jason : Where do you want to go on next week?

Jessica : I wanna go to Pulau Kakaban on Kalimantan Island, there a such beautiful beach, with a wonderful view.

Jason : Yeah, I knew that place before, it’s wonderful place.

3. Giving support to close friend

Atma : John, have you known that next week we have math exam?

John : Yes, I have. That’s why I study hard every night.

Atma : I am not sure that I can pass the exam. I don’t understand what our teacher has             
            explained so far.

John : Oh. Come on guys! We still have much time to prepare it. Don’t be so hopeless, man!

Atma : But where should I start studying, John? I can’t remember his explanation

John : Let me help you. I will make a mind map of it. I’ll give it tomorrow. But you must                                 promise to study hard. And you can contact me if you have a trouble.

Atma : Ok. Thanks beforehand.

John : Yup, my pleasure.

4. Cleaning the house

6 Examples of English Daily Conversation
Daily English Conversation
Mother : Thank God for Sundays!

Daughter : Mummy, today I can help you with the cleaning of the house.

Father : I’ll wash the car and do a bit of gardening, too.

Son   : I also want to help. I’ll separate the wet garbage from the plastics and put the wet garbage into the compost pit.

Mother : (to the daughter) Sita, get all the dirty clothes and woollens. You can hand wash the woollens and put the heavy clothes into the washing machine.

Daughter : I must remember to clean my closet and dust my room.

Father : Son, will you remove the cobwebs?

Son   : Yes Dad. I’ll do that as soon as I’ve cleared the garbage.

Mother : I’m off to the kitchen. It needs a very thorough cleaning.

Father : It needs to be organized as well. Yesterday I spent about ten minutes looking for a can-
                  opener, and couldn’t find one!

Word Meaning
1. separate : to keep apart, to put aside
2. compost pit : a deep hole in the ground to make manure
3. hand wash : washed by hand
4. closet : a small cupboard
5. cobwebs : fine network of threads made by a spider

5. Helping in the kitchen

Mother :Rina, I want some help today.

Rina  :Are we having visitors?

Mother :Papa has invited some colleagues for dinner.

Rina  :Oh! What do you want me to do?

Mother :Your regular chores.

Rina  :Alright, I know. I have to knead the dough, wash and chop the vegetables and lay the table 
                 in the evening .

Mother :Rina, take out the blue plates and the napkins that go with them. The cutlery has to be 
                  taken out too.

Rina  :Is that all?

Mother :Thank you Rina. I really don’t know what I’d do without your help.Now let me get into the 
                   kitchen and start cooking. I’m making a special dessert.

Rina  :Is it kheer?

Mother :Yes, it is.

Rina  :Good!

Word Meaning
1. colleague person with whom one works.
2. chores tasks, responsibilities.
3. knead press with the hands to form a paste.
4. dough thick mixture of flour, water, etc.
5. cutlery knives, forks and spoons for eating and serving food.
6. dessert pudding, sweet dish.

6. What time is it?

Jane  : What time is it? We are going to be late for the party!

David : It’s a quarter past six. We are on time. Don’t worry we will be fine.

Jane   : But I thought we had to be at Sarah's house by 6:30 for her surprise birthday party. I 
                  think never make it as there is a lot of rush hour traffic this evening.

David : Sure we will.  We are not far away now. Anyway, the party starts at 7:00. But I do need 
                  help with where to park the car so Sarah does't it can you phone her husband and ask 
                   him where it is best to park our car?

Jane  : OK. I will phone him now.

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