Conversation in English for Beginners

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Sita : hello

Mike : Hi. How are you?

Sita : I am fine. Thank you. And you?

Mike : Awesome.

Sita : What are you doing?

Mike : I am making an appointment.

Sita : Oh. Well, Have a nice day!

Mike : Thank you. Good bye

Sita : Good bye.

Introducing Others

Tania : Hello, Jim. How are you doing?

Jim    : This is Tony and Robert. They’re twins. And this is Stephen. He’s a farmer.

Tania : Hello there. Morning, Stephen. I’m pleased to meet you.

Stephen : Hello Tania. Nice to meet you too

Jim    : Lewis is my eldest brother.

Tania : Hi, Lewis.

Jim    : And Pete and Herbert are also my brothers.

Tania : Hello, Pete. Hi, Herbert. Wow! I can’t believe you’ve got so many brothers and sisters!

Jim    : Yes, I love it. We all get on really well. Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Tania : No, I don’t. I’m an only child.

This is conversation between two people (Danny and Andy) who are meeting in the hospital.

Conversation in English for Beginners
English Conversation for Beginer
Danny : May I sit here?

Andy : Yes you may.

Danny : I am Danny. What is your name?

Andy : You can call me Andy.

Danny : What are you doing here Andy?

Andy : I am waiting for my mother. How about you?

Danny : I just left my home and waiting my mother too.

Andy : We have the same purpose actually. Where do you live Danny?

Danny : In Delima Street 05, and you?

Andy : I live next to your street. It is Srikaya street 05.

Danny : Nice. Just call me if you want to visit my home.

Andy : May I get your phone number?

Danny : Sure you may. 081234527898.

Andy : Ok, I will call you soon.

Danny : I am waiting for it.

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